The Team at Eastpointe Chiropractic Helps Patient Carl Gentry Keep the Music Alive

Around the Hook Today – May 2010

A long time patient of Dr. Jay Mazzella of Eastpointe Chiropractic and an Eastpointe Health & Fitness member, Carl Gentry started to experience tingling in his fingers and then excruciating pain in his forearm and elbow which are classic symptoms of lateral epicondylitis or more commonly known as tennis elbow. Not a tennis player, Gentry’s symptoms were flaring up when he played his guitar or piano or used the mouse on his computer.

(Photo: Physical Therapist Mai Vu working with musician and teach Carl Gentry.)

Carl has been a professional musician for the last 21 years, performing locally and he is also a teacher of Language Arts at Thompson Middle School in Middletown. “Besides being my passion, music is part of my livelihood,” said Carl. “I literally couldn’t play because of the pain. I have been a patient of Dr. Jay’s so I talked to him about it. He recommended I work with Mai Vu, one of the licensed physical therapists on the team at Eastpointe Chiropractic.”

After performing an initial consultation and physical evaluation, Mai worked with Carl to design therapy based on making lifestyle changes, strengthening his muscles to improve his posture, performing eccentric exercises, soft tissue mobilization and myofascial release. “I also taught Carl how to self-manage his pain by utilizing myofascial release and proper stretching, especially before he was going to play,” said Mai. “I also needed to modify Carl’s gym program so that he could continue to work out. He needed to concentrate on exercises that would help strengthen his back to improve his posture and thereby taking the pressure off his arms.”

Carl Gentry“It’s amazing,” said Carl. “In about two months, I was able to play music without pain. It was just in time for me to perform at the Holiday Express event which I was thinking I might have to cancel. I would say that after working with Mai, I am 98% of the time without pain.” Besides tennis elbow, physical therapy can also help in the treatment of Headaches, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Knee Pain, Post Orthopedic Surgery, Hip Pain, Rotator Cuff Problems, Numbness, Foot/Ankle Pain and more.

“Carl’s experience is a perfect example of what our mission is at Eastpointe Chiropractic,” said Dr. Jay. “We offer our patients an integrated approach to healthcare by combining chiropractic care, physical therapy and massage therapy to produce a healthy mind and body. If you need physical therapy, massage or chiropractic services, we can accommodate you. We work to customize your care because every patient is unique.”

“I can’t say enough about my experience at Eastpointe Chiropractic,” continued Carl. “Mai, Dr. Jay and the entire staff and the fitness center folks are always professional and compassionate. I feel very comfortable when I’m here . . .like I’m family. It’s also so convenient to have everything in one place plus very accommodating hours at the gym and chiropractic offices.”

“We’re very happy that Carl’s fans, family, friends and students can continue to enjoy his music,” said Dr. Jay. “We have helped hundreds of patients regain their quality of life, and would love to add you to our list of success stories. There may be more than one answer to your health concerns, and our knowledgeable staff would be more than happy to discuss your health care options and the benefits of true wellness care with you!

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Carl Gentry is an accomplished performing musician, singer and songwriter. His first professional band, Double Standard, was formed in 1989, and the band “gigged” extensively in and around the Delaware/Pensylvania college scene. He played lead guitar in this blues and classic rock band. From 1992 to 1994, he was a member of The Mike Dalton Band, performing Mike’s original pop/rock music at legendary venues such as The Bitter End in New York City and the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Here, he displayed his guitar as well his keyboard talents. In the mid-to-late 90’s, he played guitar and keyboards with the ever-entertaining Brian Kirk and the Jirks, a prominent New Jersey cover band. In various bands, he has opened for national acts such as Warren Zevon, John Eddie, and Southside Johnny.

Today Carl performs primarily as a soloist, but he also can be found with various New Jersey acts such as Holiday Express, Electric boots, The Carl Gentry Trio Featuring Gerald Carboy and Rene Woolley, The Bethanne Clayton Band, and the Carl Gentry and Billi Heath duo.

Songwriting is also part of this versatile musician’s treasury of skills. Infusing Americana, rock and folk, his compositions are rife with melodic hooks and compelling lyrics. It is his intent to find major label artists to cover his original material.
His cover repertoire provides the audience with an assortment of music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today. He is full of surprises, incorporating various genres such as rock, pop, blues, jazz, country, standards, and his own originals into his live shows.

You can see Carl Gentry performing solo at area pubs or with his band “Electric Boots” or his trio. Check his website for his schedule and dates past July 31st.

Solo Private • N/A

5|29|2010 • Electric Boots 9PM
Mcloone’s Pier House • Long Branch, NJ

6|4|2010 • Solo 7:30PM
Mcloone’s Rum Runner • Sea Bright, NJ

6|6|2010 • Solo 7PM
Mcloone’s Pier House • Long Branch, NJ

6|11|2010 • Solo 9PM
Mcloone’s Pier House •Long Branch, NJ

6|18|2010 • Solo 9PM
Mcloone’s Pier House • Long Branch, NJ

6|20|2010 • Solo 7PM
Mcloone’s Pier House • Long Branch, NJ

6|25|2010 • Solo 8PM
Mcloone’s Asbury Grille • Asbury Park, NJ

6|26|2010 • Electric Boots 9PM
Mcloone’s Pier House • Long Branch, NJ

7|2|2010 • Solo 7:30PM
Mcloone’s Rum Runner • Sea Bright, NJ

7|9|2010 • Solo 9PM
Mcloone’s Pier House • Long Branch, NJ

Carl Gentry Trio Featuring
Gerald Carboy and Rene Woolley
9:30PM • Mcloone’s Pier House
• Long Branch, NJ

7|11|2010 • Solo 7PM
Mcloone’s Pier House • Long Branch, NJ

7|16|2010 • Solo 6PM
Windansea Tiki Bar • Highlands, NJ

Carl Gentry Trio Featuring
Gerald Carboy and Rene Woolley
8PM • Mcloone’s Rum Runner

7|18|2010 • Solo 7PM
Mcloone’s Pier House • Long Branch, NJ

Carl Gentry Performing
with the Bethanne Clayton Band 6PM
Sandy Hook Concert Series Area E
• Sandy Hook, NJ

7|23|2010 • Solo 9PM
Mcloone’s Pier House • Long Branch, NJ

7|24|2010 • Private • N/A

7|25|2010 • Private • N/A

7|31|2010 • Electric Boots 9:30PM
Mcloone’s Pier House • Long Branch, NJ


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