Total Joint Replacement

By Bernard Fryer, Physical Therapist Assistant.

Total Joint Arthroplasty….TJA or as it’s more commonly known as Total Joint Replacement

Have the years slipped by and your joints are doing the same? Total Joint Replacement may be the answer to your problem. However let it be known that joint replacement is not just for the old. The reason we think someone has to be old to receive a TJA is because one of the biggest factors in needing this surgery is arthritis. Joint Arthroplasty consists of a surgical replacement of one’s joint and is being performed on hips, shoulders and knees. TJA has been an effective treatment of arthritis, and as people are now living longer, it is critical to help resolve those factors which can cause debilitation in the aging years. TJA has given hundreds of thousands of patients yearly an opportunity to live without pain and resume the activities they enjoy or at least the chance to maintain a mobile, active lifestyle as they age. The most commonly used implants of TJA consist of a metal on plastic joint to allow for prolonged smoother joint surface contact, better healing with less post-operative complications. Metal on Metal replacements have shown increased healing problems and increased rejection rates.

Yes of course there are conservative measures that can be considered prior to receiving a TJA such as:

After TJA surgery, as Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants, a few of our duties as health professionals consist of: increasing joint range of motion, reduction of pain/swelling, increase of strength, returning patients to normal function and patient education.

Listed below are a few web sites that allow you to view surgical procedures of TJA to the hip, knee and shoulder. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THESE VIDEOS CONTAIN GRAPHIC IMAGES.

Total Knee Replacement:

Total Hip Replacement:

Total Shoulder Replacement:

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