Wrapping Up Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Week#8 Real Resuls Finale

Our last week of the October Real Results program has come upon us rather quickly! For those in the group that have stuck with the program, they have achieved great results! I have started the final assessments and we have excitedly charted the outcomes. Even for those participants that have not seen a big impact on the scale…their body composition test as well as the measurements have provided all the inspiration that they needed! One of our participants, who had only dropped a few pounds on the scale, registered a 4% decrease in the body fat. This happens when a participant “shifts” pounds of body fat. The body fat goes down but the muscle goes up – leading to an increase in metabolism. I should have all the results tallied by tomorrow evening and our awards ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday evening.

Many of our participants will continue with group training, individual nutrition sessions and some are even continuing with the January Real Results Program. They have all committed to their health and seen great results. Stay tuned next week for all the final numbers!

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