Welcome to the Half Way Point! Jeans Challenge Update Starting Week #5

This is a message that Kim Garrity, our Nutritionist, sent this week to the Jeans Challenge participants.

You have successfully completed half of the program!! Everyone in the Group is doing fantastic!

I find that at this point we start seeing two different groups of people. We have the motivated participants and the group that starts to feel their motivation waning. Which type are you?? In general I have heard some concerns regarding the eating plan in the group meetings. No matter what you say…the program is working and every day I am inspired when I get the jeans updates or the verbal updates from the training team on who is working hard. Remember – this is a time commitment that you set for yourself. Stick to it and draw from your original strength of goal setting.

Look at your goal…is it posted, do you repeat it to yourself, do you see yourself as the healthy person you are becoming?? Remember our story in the group meeting about how people are more inspired when they “think” they are already a percentage of the way there (Maid study) Well you are 50% there!

Please continue to log your food and workouts, attend your accountability meetings and join us for the group discussion on Wednesday evening at 7:30pm. We have been getting into some good discussions. Some of the members wanted to share recipes and they will be bringing them this week.


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