Weight Loss Hurdles in Second Real Results Week

By Guest Blogger: Rebecca Kopp

Rebecca is a Real Results Participant and Editor at Around the Hook Today publication.

Hi Fellow Real Resulters,

Well things have been going very well even with a minor set back of a pulled back. It happened on last Monday morning before meeting my trainer, Nadine for a session. I kept the appointment and Nadine worked around my back so I was still able to weight train and in fact my back felt better. It really bothered me if a sat too long or was in the car too long. After seeing the chiropractor two times last week I attempted a spin class on Saturday with Nadine’s encouragement. She told me not to do some of the moves but that the stretching would be good for my back. It was and although I didn’t do a lot of the up and down stuff I peddaled the entire time and got a good workout!

I have been following the meal plan that Kim created for me with good success. I followed it almost exactly the first week and lost 2 lbs. Because I love to cook and I always mess with recipes, I had to mix things up this past week. I also had two fairly successful eating out experiences. My husband and I went to a Blue Claws baseball game on Mother’s Day. My meal plan said that for lunch I should have turkey chili over a baked potato. So I thought what are the chances of finding that at the ball park but I had a couple of back up plans. To my delight they not only had chili, they had chicken chili so that’s what I got. No baked potato to be had so I had a soft pretzel instead. I was totally happy and satisfied. This past Saturday we were with friends and went out to a barbecue restaurant. Now I had had a salad for lunch so I didn’t want to go the salad route. I got the brisket sandwich which came with coleslaw and a side of your choice so I chose applesauce. Of course, the meat came in a huge pile. I remade the sandwich with much less meat and put a little coleslaw on the roll and it was delicious. I brought the rest of the meat home and had a sandwich the next day.

I was a little concerned to get weighed this week because of not being able to workout full tilt because of my back, the eating out and I was a little worried my portions were getting bigger again. I thought, if I gain, I gain. I’ll just work harder next week. To my amazment I lost 4 lbs.!! What a great feeling that was. I am even more committed to this program because it is working. I hope everyone is having good success, too.

Till next time.
Rebecca Kopp


Photo Credit: lukekb


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