The Lowdown on Weigh-Ins

Real Results Week #7

As part of the program we offer weekly weigh-ins for the participants. Someparticipants partake; others refrain until the end of the program. Each week as I weigh people in…They hold their breath – What will the results be…will they be successful? Have they been “good”, “bad” or “indifferent?”

How many times has your mood for the day been affected by THAT NUMBER? Honestly, our weight on the scale can be very intimidating and psychologically damaging; some people weigh themselves more than twice a day! Numbers can vary 2-3 lbs from day to evening or from day-to-day. Unfortunately, it is difficult to overcome society’s emphasis on this number. Our health is not always tied directly to our weight – other key indicators such as body composition and measurements play an important role.

We are close to our final week and the participants in the program are feeling the pinch! Many of them have increased their workouts and are determined to get close to their goal. This week we will complete final assessments (including measurements and body fat.) Overall the group has made great improvements in their eating and exercise habits. This will result in long lasting changes – a big part of our goal with the Real Results Program.


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