The Jeans Challenge – Cynthia’s Week 3

By Cynthia – Jeans Challenge Participant

On Thursday morning I found myself with an unexpected day off, because my youngest child home sick with fever and stomach ache. So I had a whole day to do something in the house. Cleaning out the pantry was a project I had been putting off for a rainy weekend, but now I had a whole day to accomplish it. Since I had already packed my meals the night before, I could work straight through and not be distracted by the food surrounding me. Getting rid of all the snacks, white flour, sugar, ice cream cones, cookies would be a major plus to staying on track. Once I took everything off the shelves and sorted what was good from what had to go, I washed all the shelves and the floor; I decided to paint it too. Now everything is neatly organized and I can easily find what I am looking for when cooking. All the taboo items went in the trash and I only kept what was good and suitable for the next six weeks. Next on the list is the refrigerator. After that was done, I had a major shopping list. First stop was the Saturday Farmer’s Market at Huddy Park. Lots of great organic greens, some tomatoes, potatoes and fruit! Now off to the gym for a strength training class and then home to put away all the goodies! Made a delicious salad to go with the home-made soup Mom brought.

While shopping, I only purchased the groceries that were suitable for my diet, everyone else is just going to have to eat healthy too (whether they want to or not). Sunday and Monday (holiday) I spent cooking for the next week and cleaning the rest of the house. This way I will be able to work out and have time for something other than preparing food and exercising. I could use an hour or two for reading or watching Criminal Minds.

Sunday, after my metabolic class, I was really looking forward to my scheduled massage — the perfect reward and a pick me up and to help me put some time aside to relax. Unfortunately, my therapist put me in for next Sunday! Oh no, I really needed a massage. My feet are killing me from dancing for hours on Friday night and then working out Saturday and again on Sunday. Thank God for Hand and Stone! They fit me in for a nice relaxing massage and I fell asleep through most of it! I have to get back on track with a work out on Thursday evening so that I get a day’s rest between workouts.

I think I might have to adjust or cut down my portions. The try-on for the jeans I left with Kim is rapidly approaching. Hopefully I can button them. If I can’t, I will be disappointed but hopefully not too discouraged. I have a feeling that I will have to make some changes. Well, I’ve already change a lot of things, so what’s a couple more—it is called a challenge right?

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