Rebecca’s Weight Loss Journey – Week 1

By Guest Blogger: Rebecca Kopp Rebecca is a Real Results Participant and Editor at Around the Hook Today publication. Hi everyone! I am excited to be a part of the Real Results program and even though I started a week … Read More

January 2010 Real Results Weight Loss Program

Our January session of Real Results is off to a great start! We have a total of 23 participants in the program this session. Everyone has completed their nutrition assessments and met with their trainer to develop a personalized exercise … Read More

Wrapping Up Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Week#8 Real Resuls Finale Our last week of the October Real Results program has come upon us rather quickly! For those in the group that have stuck with the program, they have achieved great results! I have started the final … Read More

The Lowdown on Weigh-Ins

Real Results Week #7 As part of the program we offer weekly weigh-ins for the participants. Someparticipants partake; others refrain until the end of the program. Each week as I weigh people in…They hold their breath – What will the … Read More

Is eating getting in the way of your life?

·         Be prepared with healthy snacks ·         Give thought to the next time you will be nourishing your body ·         Make sure when you chose a restaurant that there are good options on the menu Remember, small changes, implemented over … Read More

Staying Focused on your Weight-loss Goals

Week #4 Real Results We are now more than halfway through the program!  It has been a busy & successful first few weeks.  Many of our participants continue to move ahead with their goals, staying focused and motivated.  Many also … Read More