Is Losing Sleep Causing Your Weight Gain?

One of the first things that I tell my Real Results participants at the Kickoff session is to get more sleep. They look at me with a puzzled expression. The amount of sleep (or lack thereof) is directly associated with … Read More

So Exactly WHAT has the Real Results Team been doing?

The seventeen (17) members that joined the Real Results program on April 4th have been very busy improving their lifestyles and general health. The goals of this Spring group varied greatly and ranged from improving overall health and stamina to … Read More

Do you have a Busy Life?

Then this week’s lecture topic can not be missed! With today’s busy lifestyles all of us are affected;  Lack of sleep, high stress levels and eating on the run all lead to hormone imbalances, food cravings and nutritionally deficient diets.  … Read More

Annoucing Real Results, fitness & weight loss winners

And the Biggest Loser Is…. The Results Are In from Eastpointe Health & Fitness’s Latest All-Inclusive Health & Fitness Program Eastpointe Health & Fitness continues to deliver on its promise for results with its Real Results eight-week intensive health management … Read More

Protein Shakes after Workouts

Kevin O’Donnell asked: After workout meals. I read on line, that it is good to drink a Whey protein / Dextrose shake right after working out. I’d like to know your thoughts. And could you recommend what kind and how much … Read More

Real Results Wrap Up!

By Kim Garrity, General Manager, Nutritionist We concluded another round of the Real Results program earlier this month, giving out awards to our biggest achievers. The program and the people continue to inspire me! The group lost a total of … Read More

Wrapping Up Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Week#8 Real Resuls Finale Our last week of the October Real Results program has come upon us rather quickly! For those in the group that have stuck with the program, they have achieved great results! I have started the final … Read More

The Lowdown on Weigh-Ins

Real Results Week #7 As part of the program we offer weekly weigh-ins for the participants. Someparticipants partake; others refrain until the end of the program. Each week as I weigh people in…They hold their breath – What will the … Read More