Staying Focused on your Weight-loss Goals

Week #4 Real Results

We are now more than halfway through the program!  It has been a busy & successful first few weeks.  Many of our participants continue to move ahead with their goals, staying focused and motivated.  Many also realize that health and weight loss is a long journey!

I have been checking over the workout log and I have begun to see a drop in the number of workouts.  This is always the point in the program where “life starts to get in the way.”  This is a quote that I continue to use with many of my clients.  They lose momentum when they experience an event in their lives that “sets them back” a few steps.  These events can include a social commitment, a vacation or business trip, an illness.  Any of these can be overwhelming!  Understandably we would rather have 8 weeks of complete, uninterrupted health – unfortunately, this perfect scenario DOES NOT exist.  An important part of your health is to realize that life happens.  It throws us curve balls and attempts to shake our balance.  In real life we need to know how to handle setbacks and bounce back – even stronger than before.  So I encourage my participants to get over the distractions and remain focused on their end goals.  Do not give up…the end result is worth every effort!

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