Restorative Yoga with Nancy

A Special 90-minute monthly class

Restorative Yoga is a relaxing way to de-stress, re-energize and find balance.  The practice is beneficial because restorative yoga works in a passive, not active manner and it places your body in shapes that are effective on both a physical and emotional level, without strain.  It is a prop heavy practice, and you will be provided with the essentials to help you fully ease into the positions so you can truly ‘let go’. Each pose is held for approximately 5 minutes to allow time for the body to release.  Bolsters, blankets and blocks will be used to help you into a relaxing position. Most of the class will take place on the floor with the lights dim and soft instrumental music.

This special class 90-minute class will be offered once per month and will be taught by yoga teacher, Nancy Aufiero­­.

DATE:   1st Sunday of each month, beginning October 1st, 2023

TIME:    3:00pm – 4:30pm

COST:   $35 members / $40 non-members

** This class will be limited at this time to 8 participants and requires prior sign up. Payment is required at time of sign up.

It is important to wear loose comfortable clothing and no jewelry including watches.

This will be a ‘no cell phone zone’ as well, so please leave your phone out of the room.

If you have cotton yoga blankets at home, please bring them.

Please reach out to Nancy with any questions you may have.

The front desk will be able to assist with class registration and payment.

You may also complete the form on the right to express interest in joining the class.