Real Results Wrap Up!

By Kim Garrity, General Manager, Nutritionist

We concluded another round of the Real Results program earlier this month, giving out awards to our biggest achievers. The program and the people continue to inspire me! The group lost a total of 118.5 lbs and 70.5 inches. This is an average weight loss of 8 lbs per person for those individuals completing their final evaluations.

The best news is that these participants continue to challenge themselves. As Paul mentioned during the awards ceremony, this is only the beginning of a journey! Three (3) of the participants have signed up for the various workshops that we are offering (Sunrise Yoga on the beach and Boot Camp!) By engaging themselves and changing their routines they will continue to lose weight and challenge their bodies to respond.

Real Results takes a break for the summer and we will resume the next session in September with revised content and enhancements to the program! Congrats to of my Real Results team members.

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