Real Results Week #3 – Step Up Your Game!

It is hard to believe that we are already into our third week of the Fall Real Results program!  If you have made the commitment and are really following the guidelines…congratulations!  If you are not seeing results yet we need to step up your game.

We have had mediocre attendance at the group meetings on Wednesday evenings thus far. I do understand that things come up but please try and attend.  We WANT you to get your results and get your money’s worth from the program.  We want you to be successful!!    We have a very talkative group and they are asking some great questions during the meetings.  Also, as Paul mentioned in our kickoff meeting, participation at the meetings = results.  Our winners are always the people that are present and accounted for!

This week is one of my favorite topics – How Your Mind Affects Your Health.  This is the often overlooked component of weight loss and health.  Getting your head in the game is as important (if not more so) than getting your body in motion.  Join us to learn:

•    Techniques to conquer old habits
•    How to draw on your inner resources to achieve success
•    The importance of positive thinking
We will also discuss ways to JUMPSTART your program.  If you are following all of my recommendations and are tracking your food and still not seeing the results you want, follow these steps.  Remember that results do not always appear right away on the scale. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED; your body works in amazing ways and your new habits may be changing your body fat numbers and/or your measurements without you even knowing.

You should be getting into the club at least 3 times during the week!  We would prefer more… but we have to start there.  If you average 350-500 calories burned per exercise session…you need 7 workouts to burn off 1 pound.  Get moving!

Only 5 weeks left until Thanksgiving!  Will your family and friends compliment you at the holiday dinner on how AMAZING you look???? Only you can make it happen!

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