Post Workout Protein Shakes Made From All Natural Ingredients

Shore Shakes products are composed of the most pure and natural ingredients that this good old Earth can give us.

Fruit Shakes

Here at Shore Shakes we start each Fruit Shake with nutrient-dense fruit purees made from the skins, seeds, and pulp of vine ripened fruit. We then personalize your shake by adding additional whole fruits, synergistic nutraceuticals and/or natural Proteins designed to help you achieve your performance goals. Our Fruit Shakes are lactose free and low in calories. They are the perfect blend of whole-foods and energy producing Carbohydrates.. complete with vitamins, minerals and rich in antioxidants.

Coffee & Chocolate Shakes

Coffee and Chocolate Shakes at Shore Shakes begin with organic Almond Milk or Skim Milk and are blended with only natural Columbian Roasted Coffees and/or defatted antioxidant rich Ghirardelli Chocolate. Our Coffee/Chocolate Shakes are the healthiest and lowest in calories found anywhere. They are only lightly sweetened with fructose and beet sugar so they make a great beverage for before a workout or as a Meal Replacement (especially when combined with Protein).

Proteins & Synergistic Nutes

Our Proteins and Synergistic Nutritionals are made from all Natural ingredients, which is rare in this industry. They are free of lactose, sugar and fat.
Proteins – Bio Whey and Bio Soy are both made from the purest form of Proteins – Isolates. We combine only natural flavors and digestive enzymes to yield a nutritional powerhouse that is the most bio-available anywhere (which means your body absorbs virtually all of it).
Synergistic Nutes – We scientifically and synergistically combine herbs, minerals, organic plant matter and vitamins to create the most usable form of nutrients made to enhance specific performance goals.

The Shore Shakes Promise

We promise that you will never find any sugar laden sorbets, syrupy fruits, nutrient deficient juices, additives, preservatives, artificial colors, synthetic sweeteners or trans-fats in any of our shakes or snacks; just whole-food goodness. So be sure to stop in for your Recovery Shake after your next workout. We know you’ll agree… our shakes are the best and healthiest you’ve ever had!

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