Overwhelming Response to the 3rd Annual Jean’s Challenge!

The fall is a great time to commit to a healthy change!

The weeks between all the “summer fun” and leading up to the holidays have historically been a time where people refocus and get back on track.  This year has been no exception; as 33 women joined our 3rd Annual Jean’s Challenge with great expectations.  And with a 96% success rate over the past 2 programs, why would they be anything but committed!!

This year’s program began on September 22nd  and runs for 8 weeks.  It is a comprehensive approach to battle those extra pounds that may have crept up over time. Individuals are selected to participate in a challenge to drop 2 jeans sizes in 8 weeks. 

The Ultimate in Support and Expertise!

Participants jumped in full-force with a positive attitude and lots of energy! One of the most important factors in the program’s success is the support. Participants get 4 group exercise sessions a week, accountability meetings and weekly nutrition meetings and discussion groups.  During the ongoing nutrition meetings participants discuss obstacles to success, get feedback on food choices and adhere to a strict set of nutritional guidelines proven to increase fat loss while sustaining muscle. 

We are halfway through the program and participants are already seeing results.   This week will be the first “fitting” of the jeans, where participants will be required to try on the jeans and see that the results are working!

Are YOU interested in getting great results?!!

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