“New Year, New You” Body Transformation Contest is in full swing as 16 Teams compete to win the $4,000 prize

The participants in the Shore Results New Year, New You contest are well on their way to great things…..including a $4,000 grand prize. Not only are the 65 participants reaping the benefits of exercise and great nutrition; including energy, fat loss and increased muscle but they are transforming bodies and lives!

New Year, New You is a team based program with exercise and nutrition programming grounded in the latest scientific research on what works best to support fat loss! Team members attended a “Secrets to Fat Loss” workshop to learn how to achieve the most effective results, teams were finalized and all participants are competitively working on their fat loss resolutions. Participants have the added benefit of ongoing coaching, web based information forums and weekly motivational emails; all offered to provide the critical support proven to increase success rates.

The program began on January 27th and the contestants are working hard to achieve their goals. The first round of weigh ins showed great results! What could be more motivating than a total fat loss of over 230 lbs in 2 weeks and an increase of 27 pounds of muscle! That makes for a true body transformation. Team rankings were posted in the training studio to help fuel the competition!

Participants will attend 2 more rounds of weigh ins with the final day of the program being March 9th. The winning team will be announced at the New Year, New You Finale Party on March 11th . Shore Results will celebrate everyone’s success and write four checks for $1,000 to the winners!

And for the participants who don’t win the cash? Well, they are still big winners. They will walk away from this contest with a new body and the knowledge and experience to keep their transformation going. Good luck to all 65 participants!

Our next Shore Results all-inclusive body transformation contest will begin in April! Look for details in the March newsletter. Interested in hearing more about our programs? Click here to set up a Strategy Session to discuss your goals and how we can make them a reality!

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