Mother Nature Challenge

By Melissa Maria – Jeans Challenge Participant

Hurricane Sandy & the Nor’Easter made my Jeans Challenge an even harder challenge. It’s been very tough to keep on track with my diet and consistent metabolic and strength workouts. Although we lost power for quite some time, prior to the storm I prepared as much as I could in case we did lose power. I cooked lots of hard boiled eggs, meatballs with lean meat, meatloaf, fish and some unhealthy foods which I did not eat hahaha.

When we lost power I admit it was very hard to stay on track given that food had gone bad or ran very low so I went for my jar of peanut butter, almonds, fruits and vegetables. I tried very hard to make the food last using my outside deck as the refrigerator to keep the food I had left fresh and cold. I do admit I ate a few things that I probably should not have just to keep warm and because nothing was open to restock what was lost. The only bad thing I must say was I did not limit my starch intake to just the morning and after my workouts since I could not do my usual metabolic and strength workouts but at least it was multi-grain. That being said I started up my strength and metabolic classes today and am going hardcore and doing lots of cardio in the gym.

It feels great to be back on track and to drink my Shore Shakes Protein Shake that I’ve missed so much!!! Now it’s time to finish up my upcoming last week of the Jeans Challenge with a bang!

Photo Credit: Jim Greenhill

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