June 2022 Newsletter

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Summer Membership Specials!


Pay only $89 + tax for the whole summer (thru Labor Day, 9/5/2022)!
For 2 or more months pay $44.50 + tax/month (prorated)
For 1-2 months, pay $54.50 per month (prorated)


Pay only $99 + tax for the whole summer (thru Labor Day, 9/5/2021)!
For 2 or more months pay $49 + tax/month (prorated)
For 1-2 months, pay $59 + tax per month (prorated)

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Expanded Nutrition Services at Eastpointe!


Are you ready to achieve total health and wellness?

Nutrition plays a huge role in your results. Not only does it support your workout goals but it is the foundation of our overall well-being! We are now offering expanded nutrition services to get you back on track. 

Complete package – $299:

This is a completely personalized plan and nutrition report based on your specific goals. It includes 1 assessment appointment, 1 consultation appointment explaining your plan, and 1 follow up appointment.

Body composition analysis, one full week meal plan based on target energy expenditure and personal preferences, food, exercise, lifestyle, & supplement recommendations, online access to our recipe site, and ability to complete food log and receive feedback is also all included.

Highly recommended if you need a change regarding your diet/lifestyle and support along the way to a sustainable transformation.

Basic Package – $129:

This includes a 1-hour consultation on generalized nutrition information with a body composition analysis, food, exercise, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations.

Follow Ups (Pack of 2) – $59:

Includes 2 follow ups you can add onto package to keep yourself on track.

Schedule a complimentary consultation today with one of our Nutritionists to discuss our offers and find what would be the best option for you! We look forward to helping you reach your goals.     

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Member Success Story:

How Jen Changes Things Up and Wins First Place!

Jen Johnson, winner of the women’s Memorial Day Melt-Away Challenge, has been a member with Eastpointe since 2015.  After Covid, she decided that she needed a new outlook on her workout routine and that she needed to change things up!  She had always done lots of cardio and it just wasn’t working for her anymore.  And because of her limited experience with weight training, she avoided it.   That’s what drove her to join the challenge.  Jen knew she needed a lot of guidance when navigating this new field and she felt she would get that at the All-Inclusive level of our challenge.

Jennifer feels like she succeeded because of the trainers holding her accountable, as well as the ongoing follow up and helpful, knowledgeable staff.  Having access to Katy, our nutritionist, was a key factor in providing her with the tools she needed to be successful in her overall weight loss goal.

Jen dropped over 22% of her body fat in just 6 weeks, winning her a 1st place spot in the female category!  She plans to continue her success with our Shore Results Essentials program going forward to keep herself on track. Congratulations Jen!

Want to lose body fat like Jen did in just 6 weeks? Schedule a Complimentary Fitness Consultation & Strategy Session to get started! 



Group Fitness Updates

Welcome to Olivia!

Please help us welcome Olivia to the Group Fitness instructor team teaching Wednesday 7:15pm, Yoga! 

Olivia has been practicing yoga for over 5 years and is an avid part of the yoga community in Monmouth County. She completed her 200-hour yoga training in 2020 and started subbing here at Eastpointe about 6 months ago. 

Olivia says her technique includes teachings of balanced movement with stillness, stretching and strengthening the physical body while opening up the subtle energy channels. She brings together physical postures with breath work, which helps aid each class in guiding the body and breath to become one.

Along with yoga, she is a certified Reiki II practitioner and has plans to continue her education in the holistic wellness field. When she’s not practicing or teaching, she is a nanny for a wonderful family of 3 children and in her spare time she enjoys laying on the beach with a good book or traveling with her boyfriend out west.

Pop in for one of her classes, you won’t be disappointed!



Meet Dr. Johnathan Mendez


Dr. Johnathan Mendez is a New York native, born and raised in the Bronx. He graduated from Penn State University for his undergraduate studies and went on to receive his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Palmer College in Florida, graduating summa cum laude.

He is a big advocate for exercising and strength training to promote wellness and improve overall function. If he is not in the office treating patients, he is mostly likely in the gym exercising, cooking/eating food, or watching SportsCenter.




Ready for the Beach!
Memorial Day Melt Away Challenge 2022 Final Results


As others were gearing up for the Memorial Day weekend celebrations, our Memorial Day Melt Away participants were preparing for their final weigh-ins – Talk about dedication!

After 6 weeks, the participants that stuck with their eating and exercise plan reaped the rewards of their hard work. The results were amazing and as the beach season begins this group is ready!  The top female participant lost 22.3% of her body fat and won $1000, the top male lost 19.8% winning $500.*

Congratulations to our grand prize winners, Jennifer Johnson and G. Aaron James, as well as the entire Memorial Day Melt Away participant group for all their hard work and efforts. Click here to see the top 10.  

So many of the individuals reached personal goals, improved their health and are feeling great just in time for the beach!

Interested in learning how you can reach your fitness goals? Schedule a Complimentary Fitness Consultation & Strategy Session to get started! 

*Awards were prorated based on the number of participants in each category.



New Equipment on the way!

Be on the lookout for 2 brand new Star Trac STRc Treadmills and a brand new Star Trac 8RDE Elliptical. They’ll be replacing some of the older models on the floor so feel free to stop by the Front Desk with any questions or if you would like someone to show you how to use them once they arrive.

Health & Safety Related Reminders

  • Stay home if you’re not feeling well
  • Keep a safe distance from others when possible
  • Be diligent about washing/sanitizing your hands
  • Clean your equipment before and after use
  • Be respectful of others

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