Join our Success Guaranteed 6-Week Jean’s Challenge Program Starting on September 21st and finish up right before the holiday season!


The fall season is perfect timing to re-commit to your goals and get focused before the holiday season starts! Our Jeans Challenge offers a comprehensive approach to battle those extra pounds that have crept up over the summer.  We are looking for serious participants in this challenge for 6 weeks and the BEST part is…your results are GUARANTEED! This is our 10th annual program; with participation numbers increasing each year!  And with a 97% success rate, why would they be anything but committed!!

The Ultimate in Support and Expertise!

The program includes:

  • 4 group exercise sessions a week* (choose from morning, evening and weekend sessions)
  • An accountability meeting every week
  • A Skinny Jeans Journal
  • A group session with Nutrition recommendations
  • Weekly Nutrition topics and discussion groups
  • PLUS one of the most important factors in being successful…LOTS AND LOTS OF SUPPORT!

*Ability to upgrade to a customized program, designed specifically for you and your goals!

Here is how it works for the Jeans Challenge:

Bring in a pair of jeans from your closet or buy a pair that you would like to fit into; they can be up to 2 sizes too small.  We keep your jeans at Shore Results; you can try them on throughout the challenge.  You have 6 weeks to GET INTO your jeans… When you successfully get into your jeans you are a winner! You get a new shape for your new, smaller jeans, and you get to go shopping for a new pair of jeans compliments of Eastpointe Health and Fitness! 

  • 6 WEEKS ONLY $399
  • (Shore Results members pay only $97)

Customized Program $599!

Need more support and prefer a program that is designed specifically for your needs and your body? For only $200 more you also get:

  • 2 customized workouts designed for you
  • 6 semi-private training sessions
  • Unlimited Group Exercise Sessions (choose from morning, evening & weekend sessions)

Call (732) 872.6595 today to reserve your spot. Or complete the registration form below.

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