Jeans Challenge – Week 2

fitness training with personal trainer

By Cynthia, Jeans Challenge Participant

I left my nutrition journal for Kim to review, and I was really dreading getting it back. I thought it would have all kinds of notes about what I was doing wrong. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. There were even some compliments and a couple of great suggestions to help improve the choices and add some variety to my meal plans. I made it through the week and used my four cheats, or as I call them, indulgences. I even had a glass of red wine, although I really didn’t enjoy it. The difficulty or major challenge for week one was getting in 2 strength training sessions and 2 metabolic classes. At first I hated the metabolic class, but it is starting to grow on me. I really like how I feel after it’s over! What an accomplishment, because it is HARD! I missed my second strength training class, and I feel it. I like that class and feel like it is making a major difference in my physique! I am getting my muscles back! 

Tonight after our Nutrition Group meeting, I remembered when I did a program very similar to this one five years ago and had great success with a low-glycemic diet. The food choices were pretty much the same (with a few minor differences) but there was no fitness quotient involved until the end of the program. Having the personal training and metabolic classes is making a big difference. I have so much more energy! I have to force myself to go to bed and rest! The group support is the common factor. It is so encouraging to be sharing this journey with others! What a great way to eliminate that feeling of isolation that comes with the usual diet and exercise plans! This isn’t a competition—it is a mission and I am a part of a team! I know it will be a really successful one too! 

Having role models like Paul, Kim, Brian and the great trainers we get to work with, provide not only the help we all need, but a great example of what can be achieved with some hard work and dedication. I wouldn’t use a hairdresser with ugly hair or a carpenter with a ramshackle home, so I think I picked a good team to help me get the body I want. 

Tonight’s homework was to work on setting behavior goals or changes to help us achieve our Jean’s Challenge goal that we set last week. This will be my challenge this week along with continuing to prepare healthy and appropriate meal proportions. Note to self: get more protein choices!

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