Is eating getting in the way of your life?

Week #5 Real Results

This week our group took a test to determine the answer to this question.  Invariable, due to the pace of our lives, for most the answer to this question is a resounding YES!  We jump start our day with coffee and skip breakfast so we can get to work on time.  Our lunches are eaten on the go. When we get to that “afternoon crash” we reach for a sugary, high carbohydrate snack to boost our energy (and maybe a mocha latte!)  We come home from work exhausted and too tired to cook dinner so we opt for a fast food meal or a frozen dinner.  The pace of our lives makes it difficult to eat healthy.  Can you really eat healthy for a busy life?  The one word that I continually use during our discussions …PREPLANNING.  Just as you organize your day, you need to take 5 minutes to organize your food.

·         Be prepared with healthy snacks

·         Give thought to the next time you will be nourishing your body

·         Make sure when you chose a restaurant that there are good options on the menu

Remember, small changes, implemented over time, can have a BIG impact on your health!


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