Functional Medicine

Our practice is home to a board-certified integrative medicine specialist. Through our wide range of functional/integrative medicine services, we offer a blend of traditional and cutting-edge treatment options to improve our patients’ hormonal balance, sexual health, nutrition, and more. Our practice specializes in natural fertility treatments, detoxification, metabolic weight loss and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, among many other treatment options to promote your day-to-day well-being.

Dr. Anita Nischal is a functional and integrative medicine specialist who utilizes a comprehensive assessment and plan to find and treat the causes of symptoms rather than treating symptoms. This includes and is not limited to conventional modalities such as blood testing and imaging, as well as alternative modalities such as ayurvedic, IV nutrient therapy, biofeedback, and energy medicine.

Dr. Anita Nischal is also a certified life coach which allows her to be a significant part of your journey to total body wellness.

Dr. Anita Nischal’s specialty services include:

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