Allergy Testing

Seasonal and year-round allergies are widespread, and every year millions of Americans suffer from them. Allergies can affect just about every aspect of the human body, from nasal congestion to skin rashes. Eastpointe offers testing and treatment for environmental allergies, as well as testing for food allergies. Our team of highly experienced allergy nurses will help identify allergies and work with you to develop the most beneficial care plan.

The allergy team at Eastpointe utilizes the gold standard of testing; Modified Quantitative Testing (MQT). It is a two part skin test that first applies concentrated allergens to the outermost layers of the skin with a multiple skin prick testing device. Once the skin prick test results are obtained we will then move on to Intradermal Dilution Testing (IDT). This second part of the testing requires a small amount of diluted allergens be placed just under the skin. All testing is completed in one appointment and is virtually painless.