Half Way There

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By Melissa Maria – Jeans Challenge Participant

I just finished up my 4th week on the Jeans Challenge and I’m half way there. During my training classes, the trainers would up my weights which I admit made my eyes pop out of my socket because I didn’t think there was any way I could lift that much weight. To be honest, it made me feel really good knowing that the trainers had that much faith in me thinking I can do this. I definitely feel much stronger and I’ve surprised myself of how much I can handle. I know some of my friends have asked, “Why are you doing this Jeans Challenge, you’re already skinny and have no weight to lose!” To be honest I may look skinny but I don’t always feel skinny and lean. 

I entered this contest to have less body fat and to continue to become a lean mean, fighting machine. Being that I am only 5’5 if I gain anything it automatically shows verses if I were taller. So by learning these intervals of training and properly managing my calorie intake and when/what I should consume at certain time frames, this is something that will forever stay with me. This Jeans Challenge is not just something I’m doing for 8 weeks, it’s a new lifestyle that has been instilled in me and will forever be a part of me.

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