Rebecca’s Weight Loss Journey – Week 1

By Guest Blogger: Rebecca Kopp

Rebecca is a Real Results Participant and Editor at Around the Hook Today publication.

Hi everyone! I am excited to be a part of the Real Results program and even though

I started a week late I have already lost 2 lbs! I have always been a haphazard exerciser. Over the years I have jogged, walked, danced, swam, rode bike, hiked, played volleyball, done yoga, but I never did any of it consistently or for an extended period of time. I am easily bored and at the first sign of pain or difficulty I would stop. I was skinny up until my late 20s and I thought I had it made and could eat anything I wanted and not really make exercise a focus. Then in my 30s I began to gain weight. I did weight watchers with good success but then I wouldn’t maintain the weight loss.

I turned 50 in 2008 and last January of 2009 I stopped drinking alcohol and by September I had gained 30 lbs partly becaused I replaced the alcohol with sugar …and lots of it. I would moan and groan getting in and out of the car, my lower back would go out of wack, my knees started to ache and my feet hurt. I knew I needed to do something. So I began to do personal training with Nadine here at the club with a training partner in August and that changed my life. Although, I did not loose any weight (now that I was weight training I thought I could eat more, right? HA!) I began to get strong. By strengthening my core and building more lean muscle it took the pressure off my knees and feet and back. During this time I would also workout on my own adding some cardio like walking on the treadmill or doing the eliptical. Now, I get in and out of the car like a kid and I don’t ache anymore except for the muscle soreness from working out. But that’s a good feeling.

Okay, everything is great right? Wrong. I gained another 5 lbs because my eating was still out of control. Even though I love to cook and was still making healthy meals it would be interspersed with pigout days with candy, cookies, cheese steaks, Italian subs, cheeseburgers, fries, pizza, pastries (from the Flaky Tart–soooooo yummmmy!) and comfort food like mashed potatoes, lasagna, mac & cheese . . . you get the picture. Like it says on the Nutrition page of the club’s web site–70% of weight loss results are linked to your diet. It is so true. That’s why I joined the Real Results because I wanted to learn more about nutrition. Even though I had been successful with weight watchers and they encourage healthy eating choices they still assign a point value to food and so in reality you could eat two cheeseburgers and a piece of pizza and be within your points but still not be giving your body the right nutrients so it can function optimally.

So far, I have given up the sweets and it hasn’t been hard. I have also been tracking my meals and it’s been fascinating to see the breakdown of nutrients and vitamins. I am amazed how much sodium is in everything!! I have been getting “F”s for sodium but I will tackle that in time. I still workout with Nadine once a week and I have started “Spinning” 2 to 3 times a week. It’s intense but you really sweat and it’s not as hard on my back and legs as running.

I also believe in the power of the group. It made a big difference when I was in Weight Watchers to attend the meetings each week. You didn’t feel alone and you really learned alot from other people’s experiences. Having said that, I have some other obligations on Tuesday nights for our group meetings and I can’t always make them but if you can, they really help to keep you on track and inspire you to keep going. Not this Monday, but the following Monday I will be attending the group training at 7:00 am.

Well, that’s all for now. I am excited to be a part of Real Results and I wish everyone success. Don’t give up!!

Till next time.

Photo Credit: Patrick Q 

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