Group Fitness Options

Our expanded Group Fitness offerings are a combination of indoor and outdoor classes. We have restarted the outdoor classes and will be able do more of them as the weather gets warmer.

We’ve created an outside workout area with 1500sq feet of rubber-padded open workout space and tents for shading. In the summer, if it is too hot or raining do not worry, classes will be moved indoors to one of our expanded group spaces.

Our new schedule contains 3 tiers of classes giving you more options and flexibility to customize your workouts!

Tier 1 includes all of our Basic Level Group Fitness classes; yoga, cardio, sculpt and Spin. (included with Basic Gym Membership)
Tier 2 includes our Total Body Strength (TBS) classes, a step up in fitness level and programming as well as all of our Basic classes.
Tier 3 includes our Shore Results classes as well as TBS and Basic Classes

Then the only thing left to do is participate and get back into your “pre-quarantine” shape!