Greetings from Paradise!

I spent this week on vacation while the Real Results Team carried on without me. The group meeting was hosted by Paul in my absence with a special presentation from Dr. Jay regarding the importance of a holistic approach to your health.
Although the intensity of the exercise determines the overall calories burned, Paul taught the group about the importance of your heart rate during your workouts. Are you working at the right level for the right amount of time? Try a heart rate monitor to be sure or reference a heart rate chart available on any of our cardio equipment to get a general guideline.
During my week off I had a lot of time to contemplate the state of people’s nutrition… while I watched the vacationers eat and drink to their heart’s delight! It is difficult to stay healthy (to say the least) while you are eating at a resort, selecting from foods that other’s have prepared. It also reinforced my commitment to healthy eating when you see the prevalence of obesity among adults and children. Although I did relax my eating choices a bit, I am looking forward to returning to my pre-vacation menu. Hope everyone had a great week and I will see you all at Tuesday evening’s meeting!

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