We Are Back To Full Childcare Hours

  • Every Day!: 8am – 12pm
  • Tues, Wed, Thurs Evenings: 4pm – 7pm
  • Children will be temperature checked with a touchless scanner.
  • Children over 2 should be masked according to the state guidelines. We understand that this is difficult for some children and our staff will be considerate of their needs.
  • Our childcare staff will be masked.
  • Please limit any personal toys or items in childcare for now.
  • All areas and toys within the childcare room will be sanitized after visits (with an empty room) or at least once at the end of the available hours.
  • Specific items will be wiped down with sanitizer after use by children.
  • Maximum number of children in the room will be limited to 6 (half the normal capacity)

Key tag access is available to our childcare room via the west front door. Your children can remain safe and be escorted directly into the hallway attached to the childcare room when you enter through this door.

Click here for the Childcare Registration Form (which also includes the Childcare Program Rules). Any member using the childcare services must be registered and abide by the childcare rules. Children must be signed in and out. Please help us to keep your children safe.

Childcare Registration

Please complete the form below if you have any questions or suggestions regarding our childcare.

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