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Some of the best group fitness classes are offered here at Eastpointe Health and Fitness located in Atlantic Highlands, and serving Highlands, Rumson, Fair Haven, Navesink and other towns.

We offer 55 Group Fitness Classes per week included with your gym membership! Classes include: Spin, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba,  Total Body Strength, Cardio Dance, Core Strength, Body Sculpt and More

Please click on the schedule to download a pdf version. We strive to offer a range of classes available at all different times to accommodate today’s hectic schedules.

best group fitness classes in Atlantic Highlands NJ

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We’ve expanded our Outdoor Group Fitness Class schedule, and are now offering 38 classes per week. Click the button below to view our current Outdoor Group Fitness schedule.

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Our group fitness classes are what most members say they love about our club, they’re the best in the area, and they’re free with your gym membership. Most classes are for all levels of experience and fitness; however we also have classes specifically for beginners.

Spin© – A high-energy cardiovascular workout on specially designed stationary bikes. Enjoy great music and cycle along with the pack on a simulated course. The spinning program is for everyone at any age and at every level of fitness.

Body Sculpt – A low-impact class that is intensive but easy to follow. Utilizes dyna-band resistance bands, stability balls and free weights to tone & sculpt. Focus is in muscular endurance and strength. All levels welcome.

Total Body Strength – Full body strength training is the best way to burn bodyfat and build lean muscle. In this class you’ll be guided through a great total body workout that trains each movement pattern including core work and conditioning.

Yoga  – All of our yoga instructors offer their own unique style to the practice of yoga – mindful movement, stretching, strengthening, posture and breath. You will be guided through the class with detailed instruction. This class is suitable for all levels including beginners, with modifications given for those with specific issues. Yoga is beneficial for all bodies – come try a class and see!

Vinyasa Flow – This class is a well rounded Vinyasa flow class that includes breath work, yoga poses and core work, with focus on alignment, balance and posture. A creative blend of challenging asanas combined with powerful Vinyasa flow style to test your mental strength and physical endurance. There is time at the end for relaxation and release – all to a great music playlist.  

Beginner Yoga – For beginners & experienced students alike, perfect class for relieving stiffness & stress while deepening your awareness of body, mind and spirit. Once a month, near the Full Moon, Barb extends class to include guided relaxation, as well as guided & silent meditation.

Yoga-Pilates – A series of yoga positions designed to balance the body, mind and spirit, while incorporating Pilate’s mat-based exercises to strengthen and stretch the core muscles.

Zumba© – A form of dance that fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms & easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program that will blow you away!

Cardio Sculpt – You tone muscle while burning fat. This high intensity class combines cardio and weight training to maximize your time!

Strong 30 – This class combines high intensity interval training with the science of Synced Music Motivation to deliver a high-intensity cardio experience that works out your entire body all at once to push you past your plateaus and help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Core & More  – This 30-minute class will creatively focus on exercises to increase core strength. You’ll tighten and tone your abs and improve posture, as we focus on strengthening exercises for abdominal and back muscles. 

EP30 (Upper Body/Lower Body/Spin/HIIT/Strong/Core & More) – These 30 minute classes are designed to maximize results in a short amount of time using high intensity interval training to torch calories and build muscle, endurance and overall fitness.  

Pilates/Stretch – A mix of traditional Pilates and total body stretching set to amazing music. A variety of equipment may be used including balls, light weights and bands.