Top 5 Bang 4 Your Buck Exercises
By Mike Kubas I’m going to try to make this one short and sweet in line with the topic at
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Is Your Routine Preventing You from Reaching Your Goals?
How some professional advice can move you along! By Mike Kubas One of the smartest trainers I ever worked with
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Top 3 Exercises For Runners!
By Mike Kubas Now that the weather’s turned and it’s getting a bit nicer out, many people are getting back
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plank exercise
4 Exercises to Stop Doing Forever!
By Mike Kubas In the post Covid era I’ve learned a lot of things NOT to do.  In line with
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Need a New Spin on Your Workout for the New Year?
By Mike Kubas Here are a few simple tips to get an entirely new experience without changing any of your
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Abs for Shoveling
By Mike Kubas Winter’s here and we all know beach bodies are made well before the summer season hits, so
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Five Fitness Facts on COVID-19
By Mike Kubas Since there is not much else going on these days aside from Covid-19 talk, let’s talk some
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gym member working out with weights
Coronavirus: 7 Tips to Stay Healthy at the Gym
It seems that every other news article these days is about the coronavirus: how far it has spread and precautions
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working out at gym
10 Things You Should Never Do At The Gym!
By Mike Kubas The things NOT to do in a gym are kind of like those things that you just
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group fitness exercises
Exercise Reduces Anxiety And Makes You Feel More Connected – Here’s How
We all know exercise makes your body healthier and helps you live longer. A growing body of research shows exercise
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