Bored with the Same Old Gym Workout?
By Mike Kubas Another day, another workout. Just another day to grind out. We all know workouts can get stale
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strength training workout
How to make your gym workout more efficient
By Mike Kubas Gym Time is Your Time Everyone in the gym is a bit different; everyone’s here for different
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strength training workout at gym
Should We Be Striving For Soreness When Working Out?
By Mike Kubas 1. Thinking Cardio is King! One common misconception I always have to combat is the prevailing thought
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strength training at gym
3 Things That May Be Holding Your Gym Workouts Back
By Mike Kubas 1. Thinking Cardio is King! Now I’m not saying cardio is bad, but when the primary goal
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5 Reasons to join a Group Personal Training Program
If you live close to Atlantic Highlands and are looking for affordable personal training near you, you’ve come to the
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Gym member after challenging workout
5 Common New Year’s Fitness Resolution Mistakes to Avoid
By Mike Kubas It’s about this time when the urgency to get into shape hits fever pitch, gym goers new
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16 Tips to Reach Your Fitness Goals
People are always searching for the latest and greatest fitness secret to help them lose weight, burn fat and build
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Be sure to try some classes with our new instructors!
Eastpointe Health and Fitness is happy to announce that we have some great new instructors; some of you will recognize
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The Eastpointe Health & Fitness Team Helped Fran Timpanaro Challenge Herself to Change
I have always exercised a lot. At least 6 days a week I was spinning, running and walking. I liked
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Introducing Our All-Inclusive Training Programs
We are proud to announce that we are now offering an all-inclusive training program here at Eastpointe Health & Fitness. 
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