Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare Helped Executive Chef Kim Ramin Stay on Her Feet

After over 30 years working in the catering and restaurant industry, Kim Ramin, Executive Chef and Owner of Et Al Fine Foods in the Highlands, could barely stand for two minutes at a time. That’s debilitating for anyone but for a chef who basically lives on her feet this can spell potential disaster. “I was in so much pain,” said Ramin. “As owner and operator of a food shop and catering and event planning company, I have to be able to stay on my feet. Plus be able to lift 40lbs. of chicken or large bags of sugar or crates of dishes or glassware. You get the picture.”

A professed gym rat in her twenty’s when she lived and worked in New York City, Ramin had been a member of Eastpointe Health & Fitness a decade a go when she moved to the area. As her business took off, she didn’t have the time to get to the gym on a regular basis. So when the back pain got so bad in March of this year, she turned to East Pointe Integrated Healthcare for help.

“I went straight to Dr. Jay for a chiropractic evaluation and x-rays so he could determine what the problem was and then recommend what my course of action would be,” said Ramin. First she needed physical therapy with Ralph _______. “I started out going three times a week,” said Ramin. “I also had massage therapy and acupuncture and, of course, chiropractic care as well. I needed the whole gamut of services Eastpointe offered.” When she was ready, Ralph _____ recommended she train at Shore Results. “He cut me loose about 2 months ago,” laughed Ramin. “He said I was ready to get back to the gym.”

“For a busy business owner, I can’t say enough about the convenience of having all
 my healthcare needs met under one roof.”

With little time to spare during the day, Ramin felt that Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare would have all her needs met at one place. “The staff at Eastpointe are caring, sincere and top-notch,” said Ramin.  “They took the time to get to know me, always had my best interests in mind and ultimately that made the difference in my results.”

Today Ramin feels great. “I still go for maintenance chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and acupuncture as well as training at Shore Results with Julia and Allissa,” said Kim. “Eastpointe has such a great vibe. They’re truly compassionate and caring. The combination of all their services has worked wonders and has definitely allowed me to run my business with a lot less strain on my body.  For a busy business owner, I can’t say enough about the convenience of having all my healthcare needs met under one roof.”

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