16 Tips to Reach Your Fitness Goals

People are always searching for the latest and greatest fitness secret to help them lose weight, burn fat and build muscle. Every time we turn around there is a new exercise/drink/food that claims to change your life and make you … Read More

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Be sure to try some classes with our new instructors!

Eastpointe Health and Fitness is happy to announce that we have some great new instructors; some of you will recognize a couple of familiar faces! Melissa Schutzenhofer is a Shore Results member and is a new spin instructor at Eastpointe … Read More

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Shore Results Helped Fran Timpanaro Challenge Herself to Change

I have always exercised a lot. At least 6 days a week I was spinning, running and walking. I liked the excitement of cardio and I thought that was all I needed but I wasn’t seeing any changes to my … Read More

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Fat Loss and Fitness… they are NOT the same!

A majority of our clients at Shore Results come to us for one simple reason, and that’s to lose bodyfat. So it wouldn’t make sense if we designed them a program designed to prepare them for their first marathon , … Read More

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Less Cardio Faster Fat Loss

We’ve all heard the standard recommendation… If you want to lose body fat you should spendat least 30-45 minutes at a lower heart rate making sure to stay in your “fat-burning” zone. It is true that you burn a greater … Read More

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Get in the Best Shape of your Life and Relieve Stress with Kickboxing

Nothing beats Kickboxing Training for getting out your frustrations and relieving stress!  Taught by Eastpointe’s experienced Mauy Thai fighter and certified trainer, Anthony Craparo, as well as by our certified trainer and group fitness instructor, Tarryn Dieterrle, you can learn … Read More

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For A High Energy, Calorie Burning, Total Body Workout Think Kickboxing!

If you are looking for a total body workout that totally kicks butt, than you can’t do better than taking a Kickboxing class at Eastpointe Health & Fitness.  Kickboxing is an excellent way to increase your stamina, flexibility, and strength … Read More

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“A Second Home” – Testimonial by long-time Gym Member

By Michael Muradi – Gym Member & Personal Training ClientNot all fitness places are created equal. Some may have magnificent decorations, state of the art machines, and amenities like pools and hot-tubs that can draw the superficial inclinations in all … Read More

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Improve your Posture and increase your Strength and Stability with Core Balance

Core Balance is a low-impact class for all ages and fitness levels. It focuses on the all important “core muscles” which are critical for flexibility and balance, and are cited as the number one problem area by women. The class … Read More

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For A Fun, High-Intensity, Low Impact Workout Nothing Beats A SPIN Class

SPIN class is a group exercise class lead by a certified instructor, which offers a high-intensity, yet low impact workout perfect for everyone from the beginner to advanced participant.  “SPIN is truly a class for everybody,” said Spin instructor, Dori … Read More

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