Eastpointe Chiropractic’s Integrated Approach – Around the Hook Today! – March 2009

For A Results Oriented Health Plan, An Integrated Approach Works Best!Around the Hook Atlantic Highlands

At the Eastpointe Chiropractic Center located in Eastpointe Fitness and Health, we treat a huge variety of cases each month. Our patients range from young children and high school athletes to recent retirees and seniors; from weekend warriors and professionals to career housewives and CEOs!

One thing remains clear in every case. There are always multiple causes to every problem. Health has many facets. Sometimes in our search for a particular result, we find the solution to one part of the problem but fail to address the other components. This may lead to “less than ideal results” for clients which can lead to frustration and them giving up on the idea that a solution exists to their problem.
Here are a couple of examples that we see all the time at the center. The new year arrives and Miss. Jones sets out determined to meet her weight loss goals and get into that bikini again for the summer. She starts out by carefully analyzing what she has been eating and getting on a good nutritious food plan. Next, she gets back into the gym and starts working out hard 3x a week. She feels great after a few sessions but in her second week her old neck injury starts to bother her. The more she tries to exercise the worse it gets, until she is finally forced to stop altogether. By the time she gets the pain under control, she has been out of the workout routine for weeks. She’s spending so much time lying around the house that the diet goes out the window and now summer is just around the corner, so she just gives up. What she failed to realize is that if you are going to ask for more out of your body on a regular basis, you have to make sure that your body is functioning at its best before you start.

chiropractor atlantic highlandsThen we have Mr. Smith. He is determined to get rid of his nagging lower back pain and sciatica that has plagued him for years. After a program Chiropractic and Physical Therapy he is feeling great and is ready to be discharged from care. However, instead of starting a program of exercise to continue to strengthen and stabilize the old injured areas as well as help him drop a few pounds off the beer belly, he goes back to his old habit of 5 hours of TV every night on the worn out sofa. Within 12 months he notices the back pain starting again. What he failed to realize is that all the help that he got in the earlier stages of care will eventually disappear unless he addresses the lifestyle issues that got him to that point in the first place.

Health problems have many layers and real healthy solutions take into account all those layers or factors that influence your health. Sometimes your health and fitness failures in the past may have been caused by not addressing all the factors involved or by just not taking action in the right order. At the Eastpointe Chiropractic Center at Eastpointe Health & Fitness, we can help you find the results you are looking for with an integrated approach to your health and fitness plan.

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