Throughout our reopening process you can be assured that your health as a member has been our top priority. We are doing everything possible to ensure a safe environment for you upon your return including an expanded cleaning protocol, a new state of the art sanitizing system, extra space for social distancing and revised procedures and facility upgrades. This Community Code details the changes and expectations that will be in place moving forward into the foreseeable future. We need your support with this to make sure that the business can continue operations while complying with new regulations and keeping members and staff safe.

What is Expected of Me?
  • Stay home if you’re not feeling well
  • Always wear a face covering
  • Keep a safe distance from others when possible
  • Be diligent about washing/sanitizing your hands
  • Clean your equipment before and after use
  • Be respectful of others
Stay Home if You’re Not Feeling Well

We respectively ask that you do not use the club if you are experiencing any symptoms or have noticed any changes that could indicate exposure. Some of the symptoms may include a fever (100.4 or higher), cough, troubled breathing and/or loss of taste or smell. We also ask that if you have been traveling internationally or recently visited a high-risk state, that you self-quarantine for the CDC recommended 14 days. This will help us keep our members and employees safe.

Please note: ALL staff are required to submit to a temperature check upon arriving for their shift.


All staff and members are required to wear facial coverings while in the facility. This includes all public spaces indoors, including locker rooms, the front desk and shake bar. Member are allowed to pull down or remove their face coverings if they feel they are not getting enough oxygen based on the intensity level of their exercise. Facial coverings may ONLY be pulled down for this reason and members should ensure safe distancing from other members and staff. We will provide protective equipment, such as face masks, to all members or you may bring your own. Member compliance will be monitored by staff and any members who do not comply may be asked to leave. Remember to be considerate of others opinions and beliefs.

Social Distancing

Members should maintain a physical distance of 6 feet whenever possible with both members and staff. We have made changes to the equipment and training layouts to allow for this whenever possible. This includes our new outdoor area and two additional spaces within the complex: Gym Annex and Group Fitness Annex. There are certain areas such as offices, mezzanine stairs and behind the front desk where maintaining 6 feet is not possible. Please be aware of these situations/places and do your best to at least wear a mask. Certain areas, such as the front desk and Shakebar have been outfitted with Plexiglass Shields to protect members and staff further. We also ask that you do not congregate indoors, but rather take group conversations outside when possible.

Equipment on the main gym floor has been spaced out to allow 6 feet of distance between each apparatus. Additional cardio and strength machines can also be found in the Gym Annex, just 3 doors down past the dry cleaners. We ask that you do not share or “work-in” with other members to ensure safe distancing and sanitizing. If, for some reason, you find there is not 6 feet between you and another member on a machine, bench, etc we please ask that you wait patiently for them to finish, or move on to another exercise and circle back.

Shore Results & Personal Training clients are being scheduled by appointment only. Members are encouraged to stay in their assigned workout areas. You will be assigned to a personal workout space by your trainer for each prescheduled appointment. Equipment for personal training should be set up ahead of time or provided by a trainer. Personal items should also remain in your individual area whenever possible.

Outdoor Group class participants are asked to enter the gym 1 or 2 at a time to gather equipment. Trainers and staff will be available to assist in gathering equipment. At the end of class, equipment should be left either outside or inside the back door to be cleaned and put back in place by staff only.

• Signs and floor markings have been added as reminders of safe distancing.
• Gym Annex has cardio and strength machines (3 doors down at 2355)
• Group Fitness Annex will be used for classes (Once allowed – TBD) (2 doors down at 2377)

Hand Washing and Sanitizing

Members are encouraged to take additional time to wash their hands/sanitize on a regular basis. Hand washing should take at least 20 seconds with soap and hot water. If you are unable to wash your hands, sanitizer stations are the next best thing. We have added additional hand sanitizers throughout the club for your safety and convenience.

  • Hands should be washed or sanitized upon entering and leaving the club.
Keeping Our Club Clean

Cleaning and sanitizing regiments have been greatly enhanced, including adding extra staff, to increase surface and equipment cleaning. Staff will be utilizing our new state-of-the-art Viking Pure Sanitizing System to disinfect the club up to three times daily, in addition to our already robust cleaning and sanitizing protocol.

Sanitizing Spray Bottles and Gym Wipes will be available to members to sanitize the equipment before and after each use. Sanitizing your equipment afterwards is a MUST. Member compliance will be monitored by staff and any members who do not comply may be asked to leave. We also ask that you do not share or “work-in” with other members to allow proper sanitizing between members.

Be Respectful of Others

We understand these are unusual and possibly stressful times, but we please ask that all members be respectful of others’ beliefs and points of views. If you find something off-putting or another member not following the new protocol, please let the front desk staff know and allow them to handle the situation. Our staff has been trained on how to handles these circumstances and there will always be a manager on duty if necessary. Please do NOT take matters into your own hands.

Services & Amenities

Current Services Being Offered
  • Personal Training Indoors and Outdoors (with restrictions)
  • Shore Results Outdoor Group Classes
  • Livestream Virtual Training Options
  • Front Desk (limited hours)
  • Shakebar/Fit Food Meals
  • Towel Service
Services On Hiatus For Now
  • Main Gym Membership
  • Showers/Sauna Use
  • Childcare
  • Storage Cubbies/Lockers
  • Indoor Group Fitness Classes
     Group Fitness will remain outside and virtual at this time.
     Once allowed, we have acquired an additional 1400 sq feet space to use for group fitness and spin classes.
     Group Fitness schedules have also been updated to allow ample time between each class to clean and sanitize the entire area and equipment