Breaking the food craving cycle

Real Results Week #3

Why do you do what you do? This is the question that our group started off the week thinking about -an important question with nutrition and weight loss. Statistics reveal that only 10% of the people trying to lose weight & get healthy actually need information, the remaining 90% need SUPPORT. The bottom line is that we all know the difference between a healthy food (apple) vs. an unhealthy food (cookie), the key to success is finding your balance. Our topic this week covered “Listening to Your Body” and how we can more effectively accomplish this; by breaking the craving cycle, getting sugar/salt/fats out of our diets, watching our portions.

Our group is doing great with a total of 35 lbs lost already! Not all participants weigh in each week. These results are based on the results of 12 individuals, giving them a weight loss average of 2.9lbs over 3 weeks. Participants continue to log in their workout hours, meet with the trainers for group sessions, attend their weekly lectures and journal their food choices. In line with the “support” that is so important, our Real Results members have made new friends among the group and are offering support for each other’s goals! Keep up the good work Real Results team!

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