August Newsletter

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Welcome Back!

We have received the official green light to reopen the main gym with limited capacity beginning on Tuesday, September 1st.  I wanted to provide you with a brief update and explain the changes that we have in store for your return!  We are looking forward to welcoming you back!

As you can see in our video update we have expanded our space, set up new cleaning and sanitization procedures, spaced out our equipment and established a COMMUNITY CODE to follow the guidelines and keep you safe. Please read our full Community Code here.  This will provide you with an understanding of the new requirements and rules upon your return.

All accounts were systematically frozen during the closure.  If you had any membership time already paid for this will automatically be accounted for when your account is reactivated.  Accounts will be automatically reactivated unless you specifically requested an extended freeze.

As of this point we will not be requiring pre-scheduled workout times as we do not anticipate meeting our capacity numbers.  We will be keeping a close eye on this and we will update you of any changes in procedures.  Sign Ups will be required for spin classes (see our full Group Fitness Update below) and all Shore Results training clients will continue to be scheduled for appointments.

It is IMPERATIVE that you check-in at the front desk during any visit to the facility. We also have a few things for you to sign when you return so please stop at the front desk during your first visit to take care of this.

It has been a long time!  My staff and I look forward to seeing you and getting you back into a healthy routine.  As we already know, health clubs are part of the solution to our current crisis.  Thank you for your patience and commitment to our business and we look forward to seeing you all soon!

Paul Mazzella

Owner, Eastpointe Health & Fitness


0.002% Visit to Virus Ratio Shows Gyms Mitigating Risk are Safe

MXM research shows health and fitness clubs are not contributing to the spread of COVID-19. More than 2.8 thousand fitness facilities took part in the ‘visit-to-virus’ ratio tracker. Those locations recorded 49.4 million-member check-ins and reported 1,155 instances of a member or an employee testing positive for the virus—none of which were contracted at the facility. The results are equivalent to a 0.0023% infection rate.

Group Fitness Update

According to the new reopening guidelines, Group Fitness classes are allowed to be conducted inside with restrictions. 

As of September 1st our classes will continue to be conducted on our new 1,500 square ft outside workout pad.  To see our updated schedule of classes CLICK HERE. Our hope is to continue to take advantage of the good weather. However, if the weather is not cooperating (extreme heat or rain) we will be able to move participants inside rather than cancel the class. Please keep in mind that inside capacity is limited.   We will also be setting up some additional lighting to allow for the shorter days for the next few weeks.

Effective September 8th, SPIN is back!  We will be using our new 1200 square ft group annex.  We are currently working on the new SPIN schedule and will have that available on our website as soon as we are able.  Sign ups will be required for spin classes due to the limited capacity.

Ready to lose the quarantine weight? 

The 2020 Jeans Challenge is here just in time!

Photo above: 2019 Jeans Challenge Winners

We feel the timing could not be better for the most popular and successful of our challenges starting in September – The Jeans Challenge!

The fall season will look a bit different than prior years, but it is still the perfect time to re-commit to your goals and get focused before the holiday season starts! With the September 1st gym opening, our staff will be ready to get you started. This program offers a comprehensive approach to battle those extra pounds that have may have crept up over the pandemic as well as your summer activities.  

Interested? Click here for more information & to get on the Jeans Challenge email list!

We are looking for serious participants in this challenge for 6 weeks and the BEST part is…your results are GUARANTEED! This is our 9th annual program; with participation numbers increasing each year!  And with a 97% success rate, why would they be anything but committed!!

> Learn More

If the last 6 months of cardio outside has depleted your muscle and you are ready to hit the weights… the 2020 Body Transformation Challenge is here for you!

Body Transformation Challenge 

Are you ready to lose fat and gain muscle?  If you are ready for a true body transformation, your timing is perfect for our fall challenge starting on September 21st!!! 

Our focus on this challenge is not only to lose fat, but to get you stronger and gain muscle!  If that is part of your goal than this challenge is for you.  Unlike our other challenges, our Fall Body Transformation Challenge gets you points and prizes for increasing your muscle mass.  It is not just your average fat loss contest!

Here is how it works:

  • Both men and woman can participate
  • You register for the program at one of the 5 levels available (click here to see the levels)
  • You have the option of scheduling a complimentary interview/health history and movement screening to help you determine which package is recommended based on your health history and ability
  • You will get an initial, mid-point and ending weigh-in on our InBody machine to determine total pounds of muscle/body fat as well as water levels
  • You collect your prize! AND you look & feel fantastic for the holidays!

Over $1000 in cash and other prizes in total for winners in each of the three categories*

  • Most lbs. of skeletal muscle mass added
  • Most lbs. of body fat lost
  • Largest % change in Body Fat %

 *prize amounts determined by actual number of program participants that register.

> Learn More

Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare is open and takes your health and safety very seriously

Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare is up and running during regular business hours; Monday through Friday 9 am to 7 pm and Saturdays 9 am – 2 pm. Services include chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture and massages.

At Eastpointe Integrated Healthcare, we take the health and safety of you and your loved ones very seriously. We have invested in, and have been using, a product called Viking Pure Solutions to thoroughly sanitize our entire facility. You can see our staff in-action using the product by visiting our Instagram page (@Eastpointe_Healthcare). For more information on our sanitizing product, please visit the Viking Pure website at

We look forward to seeing you!

Labor Day Weekend Hours

Saturday, September 5th & Sunday, September 6th

Regular Hours, Shore Results Training & Outdoor Class Schedules

Monday, September 7th

Main Gym Hours 7am –12pm

Holiday Class Schedule

Special OUTDOOR Spin Classes to benefit the Tri-District Education Foundation*

7:00 – 7:45am Spin with Tricia*

8:00 – 9:00am Special Holiday Metabolic Class

9:15 – 10:00am Spin with Melissa Fariello*

10:15-11:15am Yoga with Nancy

*Sign ups required at the front desk. Members $10 to reserve your bike, non-members $15.


Saturday, September 5th: regular hours 8:30am – 2:00pm

Sunday & Monday closed

The Relationship Between Physical Inactivity & COVID-19 

The Relationship Between Physical Inactivity & COVID-19 

Given the novelty of the SARS-COV2 virus, which causes COVID-19, it is not surprising that there have not been many studies on the relationship between physical activity and COVID-19 outcomes. An article published in Sports Medicine and Health Science reviews the available evidence regarding the impact of COVID-19 on several physiological systems and any potential relationship with physical activity. 

Immune System: Moderate physical activity may reduce susceptibility to upper respiratory tract infections, and physical activity can benefit immune system health. The authors note that, while more studies are needed to assess the link between physical activity prior to COVID-19 diagnosis and COVID-19 outcomes, exercise during the pandemic is recommended and can also help mitigate some comorbidities such as diabetes and obesity. 

Respiratory Tract: In severe COVID-19 cases requiring hospitalization, 54% of patients experience respiratory failure, and more than 30% require mechanical ventilation. People on mechanical ventilation for long periods can develop a weakened diaphragm, making it harder to wean them off the ventilator. Physical activity is not known to change the structure and function of the lung and airways; however, endurance training may promote biochemical adaptations that help protect against challenges, including prolonged ventilation. In one study, as few as 10 consecutive days of aerobic exercise training provided statistically significant protection against diaphragm weakening. In theory, this would mean trained individuals who require mechanical ventilation would have some protection against a weakened diaphragm and thus experience fewer challenges coming off the ventilator. 

Cardiovascular System: With COVID-19, exercise can have both positive and negative effects. When recovering from COVID-19, some people experience cardiac damage (such as myocarditis or inflammation in the heart muscle, which has afflicted several collegiate and professional athletes). This cardiac damage can increase the risk of sudden cardiac death during exercise and may extend throughout the lifetime. 

On the positive side, physical activity promotes heart health and longevity. The authors recommend healthy people during and after the pandemic to “remain physically active and exercise while socially distanced when you are well, stop exercise when you develop symptoms or signs of an infection, and return to PA and exercise slowly following recovery.”

Mental Health: The authors also discuss the detrimental effects of quarantine-related depression and conclude that “regular exercise can attenuate the symptoms and consequences of quarantine-induced depression and traumatic disorders with the systemic, complex, and powerful neuroprotective effects.”

Overall, the authors recommend exercise sessions of moderate-intensity and up to 45 minutes in length for immune health and advise older adults to get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise two to three times per week. 

Woods JA, Hutchinson NT, Powers SK, et al. The COVID-19 pandemic and physical activity. Sports Medicine and Health Science. 2020;2(2):55-64. 

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