Are you ready for REAL RESULTS in 2012?

How to Keep those Resolutions!

weight loss appleNew Years Resolutions…we have all made them and we have all experienced the strong start and the weak finish effect! Weight loss and exercise are among the top contenders for resolutions.

According to a finding published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, approximately 50% of the population make resolutions each year. So what accounts for the high failure rate? People make resolutions to motivate themselves but in reality they may not be ready to change their habits. Another reason, says Dr. Avya Sharma of the Canadian Obesity Network, is that people set unrealistic goals and expectations. Key to making resolutions work is changing your behaviors as well as your thinking.

If your New Year’s resolution involves healthy eating and exercise habits, joining Real Results is a perfect first step! This program provides key steps proven to help you achieve success with a resolution.

  • Providing focus
  • Setting realistic goals 
  • Helping you integrate your resolutions into your lifestyle
  • Creating a set of small achievable steps 
  • Providing accountability and group support
  • Celebrating your successes each week to keep you motivated and on track 
  • Being mindful of your current state – becoming physically, emotionally and mentally aware
  • Teaching you how to correctly handle a slip up

Make 2012 the year that you achieve your fitness goals! Join the Next Real Results, All-Inclusive Health Program scheduled to begin on January 9th, and finishes on March 4th.

We provide all participants with an integrated health and fitness approach that focuses on the entire person.

  • A Full Fitness & Health Assessment
  • Weekly Meetings
  • A Personal Nutrition Plan & Ongoing Support
  • Personal Training & A Customized Workout Program
  • Goal Setting
  • On-Line Tracking Tools

If you are serious about your goals, we want you in the program! Pick up a flyer at the front desk, mark your calendars and enroll by January 6th!”

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